October 2020, November 2021, and November 2022 we organised a great local initiative in Filton, the "Wonderful Windows Arts Trail" which takes place over 3-4 nights across the Filton area.

The arts trail has been a great celebration of creativity and hope in Filton as the autumn approaches and at times when we were maintaining social distancing within our communities during the pandemic.

Over 90 households have taken part during the 3 years, involved in decorating their window for those few evenings, and many more took to the streets to visit the trail! 

We ran some workshops for those who wanted some more help to design their window decorations.

In 2021 we also added in refreshment stops, these raised over £1000 for local charities across 2021 and 2022! We look forward to raising more for the Bristol & South Glos Foodbank during our 2023 trail!

The November 2023 Trail will take place November 10-13th, so please complete this form if you'd like to know more or sign up your home or business in Filton to take part: 


If you are a local business and would like to sponsor the trail, please get in touch!