We have a great HQ building space in Filton in the former St Andrews Methodist Youth Centre, which is hired from the church next door and we utilise for much of our youth and community work in the area.

We also now run the Patchway Youth Centre from 2023 and we have a refurbishment programme starting through 2024-25 to bring the building back to life!

We hire out our buildings to other community groups when we are not using it, to help raise funds to pay the bills and which can support the charity’s work. There are booking conditions and these can be requested and arranged through the office. 

Currently, Filton is only available to hire on Wednesday daytimes, Saturday afternoons (except once a month) and Sunday evenings. Patchway has availability on Friday evenings and Sundays, plus some daytime hours Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.